Dr. J. Scott Peaker

Dr. Peaker has been practicing in the Niagara Region and GTA for over thirty five years.

After playing professionally as a bass player for a number of years, he went on to study optometry at the University of Waterloo. In 1972 Dr. Peaker graduated with a Doctor of Optometry, and continued his studies as part of the University’s first Masters program in Optometry, where he also served as a lecturer.

Prompted by his desire to learn more about the eye, Dr. Peaker completed three years of clinical training in the Department of Ophthalmology, McMaster University, under the supervision of the late Dr. Ronald Zahoruk. After that, he set up his practice in Grimsby, and he has been here ever since.

While Dr. Peaker loves to work, he does make time to play the piano (jazz and blues), and play with his three granddaughters.